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Who Dat consulting ‚Ä?construction
on time. on track. on target.
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mission statement


Our company started, as many have, with a dream and a complete drive to provide services in a very competitive niche in a dog-eat-dog industry.  Our success comes with the pride and dedication of our staff and their willingness to see my vision and share their talents with me.  It is our mission to continue our success with the leadership and integrity of religion-based faith and belief and the constant reminder that our clients are the future and serve as the light to the paths for days to come.  We are blessed to provide services to our major clients, the United States Corp of Engineers, and it is our way of giving back to the men and women that sacrifice their lives every day so we can continue to live our lives in these UNITED STATES.

We also believe strongly in the cultures that surround us; our mission clearly follows the beliefs that are lived daily in the French culture in the bayous of Cajun Country (aka Who Dat nation) and the Asian influence of the beautiful lands of the Pacific Islands:

     ♦ "Laissez les bon temps rouler" (lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay ) | "Let the good times roll!" - the Cajun way of life.
     ♦ "Lagniappe" (lan-yap)
| "Something extra" like the extra donut in a baker's dozen. An unexpected nice surprise.
     ♦ "Aloha 'aina" (a-lo-ha eye-een-a) | Love of the land; to nurture and care for the land.
     ♦ "‘A‘ole pilikia" (a-o-lay pee-lee-key-ah)
| No problem - there's no worries on the islands.


predesign + design + bidding & award + construction + closeout
design-build + design-bid-build + owner's representation/construction admin consulting
new construction + additions + tenant fit-outs + renewals + restorations|renovations

commercial | military | public | government | private | green and sustainable projects | luxury homes | townhouses | hotels | motels | multi-unit residential facilities | military barracks | military/corporate headquarters facilities | air-support facilities | military training facilities | office/administration complexes | luxury resorts | golf resorts/country clubs | retirement centers | assisted living facilities | healthcare facilities | pharmaceutical facilities | laboratories | dental clinics | health/specialty clinics | emergency care clinics | veterinary clinics | emergency care stations | fire stations | police facilities | penitentiary/detention facilities | municipality facilities | recycling facilities | transportation repair facilities | civic centers | mass transit centers | airport terminals | restaurants | spiritual centers | libraries | museums | theaters | aquatic centers | technology centers | childcare centers | k-12 schools | higher education complexes | gymnasiums | cafeterias/food courts | retail stores | banking facilities | grocery stores | shopping centers | automobile dealerships | gas stations | recreation complexes | casinos | multi-use facilities | sports/entertainment venues | amusement resorts | warehouse facilities | logistics facilities | manufacturing facilities | agricultural facilities | franchises


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